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This web site has been established by the National Wheelchair Managers' Forum to assist NHS managers involved in the provision of wheelchair services, and to give access to work undertaken by the Forum.

The forum exists to maintain

National Management Standards.

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A selection of documents published by the Forum are available for download

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      Date: 11th Oct 2016

      Venue:   Leeds

      (updated 29th Aug 2016 )

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Confirmed minutes for 12th Jan 2016 Forum - Manchester

       (Updated  7th June 2016)

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Competencies for Therapy Assistant Band 3

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(Added 25 Aug 15 )

The DoH has published it's response to the NHS England Mandate consultation

 Setting the mandate to NHS England for 2016 to 2017

Response document available in publications to download

(Added 24 Dec 15 )